Commercial Service Locations

Pests impact the restaurant business more than any other industry.  Even small infestations can mean bad reviews, a loss of customers or even having your business shut down by the health inspector. Lipka Pest Control is here to keep that from happening by helping you eliminating pests to keep your restaurant profitable.

Our team begins with a thorough inspection, inside and out. From there we develop a plan tailored to your unique needs. Using the latest products, techniques and technology, we keep your restaurant running smoothly and cleanly.

With the advent of social media, all it takes is one customer to experience a pest problem and your reputation could suffer irreparable damage. When you partner with Lipka Pest Control to keep your property pest free and profitable.

We offer techniques and products that reduce downtime and eliminate chemical residue to keep your business and profits running on schedule.

The health of your patients and employees depends upon a clean environment. That includes every space inside and outside your facility. Lipka Pest Control is dedicated to keeping your facility free of insect and rodent infestations that can bring and spread illness.

Working with you, we develop a pest management plan suited to your needs. We focus on the use of products and techniques that minimize the risk exposure to chemicals. We train staff on how to prevent pests. And we’re dedicated to open communication to ensure that we’re interacting appropriately with your staff and patients.

Rodents, flies and other pests can cause countless dollars in damage to warehouse structures and items stored inside. This can also pose safety concerns for employees and impact retention.  Whether you have an existing pest problem or  looking to proactively prevent infestations, Lipka Pest Control is your partner. Our technicians will inspect your structure to identify pests and potential areas of pest access. From there, we eliminate existing pests using the latest technology and proven techniques.

Don’t suffer from a loss of profits or incur the cost of repairing damaged property or products.  Work with Lipka Pest Control to keep your warehouse remains pest free, so you can stay focused on providing quality products or services instead of worrying about pest

You want your office space to attract tenants who add value, not pests that drive potential lease opportunities away. We know the challenges that come with managing pests across multiple rooms and floors. Our experts take the time to understand your unique space and deliver pest-elimination service matched to your needs.

An audit trail is kept so we know exactly what has worked in the past and we can continue to build more effective solutions to keep your office building pest free